Rock n Roll. It's not about the clothes. It's not about the money. It's not about the pyro! Ok, maybe a little about the pyro! Great rock n' roll comes from moments between the band/artist on stage & the crowd finding that space , that second ..........that moment where there's no difference between the two.

     On Friday December 8th 2017, at Petit Campus in downtown Montreal , local rockers, Vinyl Hero , may have attained that great rock n' roll moment............without pyro though. 

      Four bands took the stage that night to an almost full capacity house which included Blue Cheese, Wild Call & headliners and album launches, Gone Dogs. Vinyl Hero , second band of the night, stormed their set into motion in tight fashion with lighting, still no pyro and engaged the crowd . Near the end of their set, frontman/guitarist , Ray Howard delivered a speech encouraging the audience to take part in filming their song, Count my blessings, with smartphones . The intent was to get enough footage to cut a live video for the rack. In result , more phones than expected were raised. Footage was emailed to the band & the final product, to be released at the end of February, is a visual culmination of multiple fans, old & new, sharing an incendiary moment with the Montreal power trio! A rock n roll moment indeed! 

     And it's those moments that prove , whether you've paid 100 + dollars to see a reunited GnR or ten bucks to see a possible "next big thing", Gene Simmons was wrong......... Rock is nowhere near dead!  

Video Clip set to release in late February 2018!


Taking the best of what each member brings to the table, Vinyl Hero is an Alternative/Rock band that ties in influences of various types of Rock and Blues. While not sticking religiously to a vintage sound or trying to recreate the music of any particular group, the band attempts to bring back the humanity and organic nature that was so prominent in the music of the vinyl era.