Ray Howard  lead vocalist / lead guitarist


Born in St.Thomas Ontario but a Montrealer since the age of 4. Being raised by musicians, at the age of four began to play guitar until the age of 7 then returning to it at the age of 13. Influences ranging from the Stones & Beatles to GnR & Megadeth to STP, QOTSA, BIg Wreck, Alice in Chains & Soundgarden And an avid country fan of artists like Keith Urban & Chris Stapleton.

Taking the best of what each member brings to the table, Vinyl Hero is an Alternative/Rock band that ties in influences from each other. While not sticking religiously to a vintage sound or trying to recreate the music of any particular group, the band attempts to bring back the humanity and organic nature that was so prominent in the music of the vinyl era.
The entire band works as a tireless, well-oiled machine collaborating to write blues inspired tunes with rock sensibility. Musically, they want to pay homage to their influences, which includes Queens Of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, and even fellow Canadians Big Wreck.
Composition of each tune revolves around environmental factors that impact band members and inspires them to capture that thought as if imprinting it onto a record. Vinyl Hero almost always place the music before the lyrics and maintain that the instrumentals are the key to connecting with fans and the first lasting impression from the band’s music. They released ‘Seven Days On A Train’ on May 6, 2016 and are in the lab getting ready to be releasing something new and fresh in 2019! 

Costa Siarlis   bass / backup vocals

Social Media guru/Super Foodie

Growing up in a household where there was always a power struggle over who controlled the radio station, learning to appreciate and enjoy all types of music was inguraged from a very young age . From Prince and Cher, to ZZ Top and Ozzy. Applying these different emotions and styles to every new idea in studio, really foritfied a great appreciation for the songs that are being created. 


Tibz  drums / percussion

Visual-Sound Production/Expert Craftsman

Natural blond bearded European drummer.
Formal Vinyl Hero's drummer and session artist.
Studied drums with Hocine Meneri (Agostini drum school) and at the Jazz conservatory in France.
Before moving overseas, was drumming for recording sessions and playing in various bands from jazz to lumberjack rock to electro type of musics.