7 Day on a Train ( brand new EP )

Get your very own copy of our newest EP.

Vinyl Hero's new EP - 7 Days on a Train ​is now available online.

“Do you like your Rock served together with a whiskey – well – on the rocks? Down by the bayou, sitting on the porch? Rocking chair and all? New Orleans style? There ya go! You may want to check out Vinyl Hero.”

- RockmusicRaider, Newsflash – Vinyl Hero plan Springtime EP! (Apr 12, 2016)

“Their EP makes me want to do some more research to see if there are indeed other releases from these chaps.”
- Rick Ossian, Vinyl Hero – Seven Days on a Train EP (Mar 26, 2016)

Keith on Your Tube!

Check out our music video to Keith Richards on YouTube.

Vinyl Hero will be ripping up the stage with Grand Splendid and Hommage à MUSE @ COOP KATACOMBES

January 25, 2019!!!!






Vinyl Hero in the UK!!

Powerplay Mag UK gave an awesome review on the newest EP.